Dr Moy Products

Dr Moy’s decades of expertise as a renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon, has dedicated his life’s work to understanding and treating skin with pre-cancers and severe sun damage. His current serving boards include:

  • Board Certified by the American Board Of Dermatology
  • Board Certified by the American Board Of Cosmetic Surgery
  • Professor at the Geffen School Of Medicine UCLA
  • Board Certified in Dermatology
  • Mohs Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Oncology

His knowledge of the impact of photodamage and cell repair on skin health and aging has led to his landmark breakthrough of DNA Enzymes and Epidermal Growth Factors which have been clinically proven to reverse the signs of aging.

His paramedical skin treatment collection designed for both men and women is free of fragrance, parabens and sulphates. He has a distinguished career encompassing more than 25 years and tens of thousands of patients.

The esteemed Dr Ronald Moy’s philosophy for transforming ageing skin – “REPAIR THE PAST, PROTECT THE FUTURE” encapsulates the essence of beautiful skin. Dr Moy’s powerful, paramedical, streamlined skin treatment collection puts his philosophy into action and delivers the most outstanding results.

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