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BROWS ARE THE FRAME OF THE FACE, LOOK AFTER THEM, THEY CAN CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LOOK!!! A bold statement but very true. So many trends and fads have come and gone thankfully from the overplucked  brows of the seventies through to the thicker but slightly messier brow made famous by Brooke Shields, to the present day where we have fuller and more defined brows. We have been overplucked, over threaded, which by the way, makes your brows grow back incredibly coarse, unruly and a nightmare to control as they are all different lengths. No doubt about it, Beautiful brows can change the look of your face. Over the years of styling thousands of brows, our philosophy has always been that brows should accentuate never dominate our features. A full natural brow with a sweeping soft arch, never exaggerated will always be a classic timeless look. For far too long we have seen the excessively dramatic and overdrawn brows that have become popular, however I believe this current fad definitely needs some adjustment, and am more than hopeful this will reflect in the coming year. Not only can they be overwhelming and detract from our natural features, but also can make us look angry and unnatural. The perfect brow is not always an instant fix, sometimes seems out of our reach, however with a large dose of patience and a firm commitment, and one hair at a time, your perfect brow maybe just around the corner.  The only way for this to happen is to find someone you trust, with the knowledge and experience to transform and work with what you already have, and of course having a realistic expectation. It is a process but with commitment, teamwork and some patience, very achievable and I promise you, well worth the time and effort. There is no cookie cutter brow thankfully, No two sets of eyebrows are alike, even our own eyebrows as they say are not twins but sister’s, although I have seen brows that do not even look like they are related!!!!

The message here is step away from the tweezers, one or two stray hairs that you pull out can mean the difference between a styled brow and a disaster about to happen.  Leave them to the experts, it really is money well spent. Remember the old saying ‘LONG AFTER PRICE IS FORGOTTEN THE QUALITY REMAINS’. Millions of words have been written about brows, YouTube is full of great and not so great tips. Tread carefully, and remember, Classics never go out of style, think Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, oldies but still very classical. Today we have Margo Robbie,  Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, the classics of today. Be your own classic. A great set of brows, beautiful skin, a gorgeous lipstick and of course lashes will get you on your way. Let the Brow and Skin Studio be a part of your journey.



Brows of today

Welcome to our very first blog. We are so excited to be sharing some of our combined knowledge and information to you. Each week we will delve into different topics, such as skin care ingredients, conditions and treatment solutions that our beauty salon offers. Also, the perfect brow, lash perming and lifting and many other subjects that we hope you will enjoy, however firstly let us introduce ourselves to you.

The Brow and Skin Studio was established in 2005 in Ashgrove by our owner Sherril Dalitz, who although had been in the profession many years, was still very passionate about her first love, brows and skin ( funny that, must be where the name came from!) Sherril first started in Cosmetics in one of the department stores, and while loving this side of beauty, realised there were so many skin conditions that were constantly being covered up with makeup rather than being treated, She felt there was so much more to do and learn, with her passion ignited and a determination in place decided skin and brows were her thing…… This is where the journey began and one of the first specialised brow and skin studio’s opened in Brisbane.

At that time the mainstream beauty salon typically offered all services, Manicure, Pedicure, Body Massage etc. however Brows were starting to become a life force of their own and realising the importance and beauty of this feature when done well. The Brow and Skin Studio became widely recognised as the go-to place in Brisbane for great brows. Never forgetting that skin was, and always will be a major priority for us, we wanted to bring the best of the best treatments to our salon and was incredibly proud to be the first Beauty Salon in Brisbane to introduce Light Therapy treatments in 2008.

Meet Our Our Newest Staff Member

Rhiannon | Beauty Salon | Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove

Rhiannon studied beauty and makeup in Sydney and has touched on many different facets of beauty, however has found makeup, Skin treatments and eyebrows are her passion, being able to encourage clients to love the skin they are in is really rewarding. Brows and skin can be every woman’s most attractive feature and loves it when our clients reach their full potential. She has worked in top salons and medispas in Sydney and Canberra and has seen a lot of brows, the good the bad and the ugly, and was determined to fix the ugly, one brow at a time!!

The Benchmark in Light Therapy

OMNILUX was then and still is along with Healite II the benchmark in Light Therapy. Developed as a medical device to treat Non-Melanoma skin Lesions and with technology from NASA these incredible machines have worked their magic on so many skin problems, restoring not only beautiful skin, but skin Health as well, but more on that later.

A new approach to skin health

Having been in the beauty industry for some time, a quiet revolution was taking place, things were quickly changing in leaps and bounds, from a time when the routine of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising were thought enough, to the introduction of AHA’S, Retinals, Vitamin C and other great ingredients which made a real difference to skin and instantly altered the way to approach and treat, and although this was a game changer, the most important focus for Sherril was to keep Clients well informed, educated and to provide the very best skin products, treatments and results, attention to detail was everything.

Our other advanced treatments

Many other advanced treatments were added including Cosmelan, the No1 depigmenting treatment worldwide, Collagen Induction, Mesoeclat to name a few, also we introduced OBSERV a unique diagnostic device that sees damage deep within the skin, how amazing is that?? Think pigmentation ( did you know you only see 40% of your pigmentation on your face, the other 60% is lurking underneath like a very unwelcome guest, just waiting to come through) and with Summer just around the corner a timely reminder to be aware of the damage too much sun can cause., the number one enemy of skin, and Yes while we absolutely need our Vitamin D, a great sunscreen is vital.

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With its longevity we would like to think The Brow and Skin Studio has become a bit of an institution in Ashgrove, knowing our commitment, passion and enthusiasm are still firmly in place, we continue to look forward to looking after the local community and beyond.