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The Brow and Skin Studio, where science meets beauty. We offer treatments scientifically proven to give you that youthful glow all women strive for. For over a decade now, we have been customising and sculpting beautiful brows. With the precision of a surgeon and the keen eye of an experienced brow technician, you will have the brows you always wanted. Our passion is specifically about creating beautiful brows and great skin… after all, perfect brows and great skin take on a life force of their own. Perfection is the order of the day at Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove.

Our Philosophy:

The Brow and Skin Studio has been established since 2005 and during that time our goal has always been to showcase the best of the best with Skin treatments, products and of course brows to our clients. Our belief is that great skin, beautiful eyebrows, a great lipstick and a winning smile is the essence of true beauty. Our personalised treatments and the technology behind each one, be it Radio Frequency, Light Therapy Collagen Induction or the incredible Cosmelan treatment for pigmentation will ensure the best outcome for each and every Client…. great skin and brows just doesn’t happen…. we make it happen for you…. We are all about solutions… Let us find your solution….


Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove

Our products include:

Priori - Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove

Medik8 - Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove

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Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove

Brow and Skin Studio Ashgrove
Celebrating over 14 years of beautifying women.

We love to help women – of all ages – feel and look great.
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What Our Clients Say About Us

Thank you for taking such good care of my eyebrows over the past 8 years.  I don't think I will find anyone else in the world who is such a perfectionist and amazing eyebrow artist.

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