Why We Love Light Therapy at The Brow & Skin Studio

Switch On The Light and Switch On Cellular Rejuvenation

Without question, Omnilux and Healite II are the 2 leaders in light therapy. These treatments repair tired and damaged cells, stimulating collagen and elastin to create plumper, smoother, healthier skin. Delivering the gorgeous ‘’Glow Factor’’.

At The Brow and Skin Studio, light therapy is the essence of all our treatments. We offer both options of lights for our clients, working deep within the dermis where everything begins (happy dermis, happy epidermis). Light therapy helps to accelerate the penetration of products into the skin. No absorption no results!


Key benefits

Quite literally when you have an Omnilux Light Therapy Treatment, you are switching on your cells.

What does this mean? Put simply when you have a treatment, an energy source called ATP which we already have in our cells and starts to deplete as we get older is introduced back into our cells. A cell with more energy is a much healthier and happy cell, however this is only the beginning of how Omnilux can treat and benefit every skin.

Red-targets the cell membrane, strengthening the ‘gatekeeper’, the stronger the gatekeeper the better the cells can protect and repair damage.

Increased blood flow for up to 72 hours leading to greater tissue oxygenation and detoxification, by drawing on our natural hydration sources to the skin results in plumper, clearer with less fine lines and increased hydration.

White-targets the nucleus, strengthening the the life force of the cell- where the energy is produced.

It penetrates deep into the dermis, stimulating fibroblast activity which produces collagen keeping our skin young and healthy.

How do we use Healite II & Omnilux in our treatments?

Omnilux is our go to treatment- it never lets us down. We use this in conjunction with all our other treatments, peels and Cosmelan® as it increases the effectiveness and takes the treatment and the clients skin to a new level.

We have used Omnilux pre and post medical procedures as it gives 40% quicker results with healing and reducing scarring.

We have been using Omnilux since 2007, and the simple fact is the clients who have had treatments regularly have achieved a far greater outcome with their skin health.

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