Skin Treatments

Clear, youthful, healthy skin is a hallmark of beauty

At The Brow and Skin Studio, we offer a range of specialised skin services for all skin conditions. Our treatments include  Advanced Skin Analysis with Observ 520, Divine Pro, OxyGeneo, Light Therapy, Cosmelan Depigmentation, and more, resulting in sensational glowing skin.

$85 per session

The OBSERV 520 is our diagnostic skin imaging device which gives an unparalleled view of the skin’s condition and what is happening deep within underlying layers. This technology allows us to thoroughly customise a bespoke treatment program tailored specifically to your skin concerns. This is a crucial stage in delivering you the results you have been dreaming of.

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$95 per session

Without question Omnilux™ and Healite II™ are the leaders in light therapy. These treatments repair damaged skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastin to create plumper, smoother, healthier skin while delivering the “glow factor”. Both devices are medical grade and are used around the world to treat many skin conditions, superficial lesions, skin rejuvenation and acne

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Voluderm/Trifactional $380 inc. Light Therapy
Tripollar RF with DMA $350 inc. Light Therapy

The Divine PRO is the ultimate in age-defying technology. Pollogen multi-dimensional facial rejuvenation offers the ultimate solutions for a total facial rejuvenation including dermal volumising, wrinkle reduction & skin firming with no surgery, minimal pain and downtime. This superior device uses the methods of Radio Frequency, Voluderm Micro-needling, Trifactional resurfacing & Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) to deliver results which are unmatched by any other device in the market.

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$240 per session

OxyGeneo is the ultimate rejuvenating treatment that follows three key steps: exfoliation, oxygenation, and infusion. The treatment harnesses the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within and triggers a physiological response known as the Bohr Effect. The clinically certified handheld device offers a unique combination of advanced technologies – Tripollar RF, Geneo and Ultrasound. Noticeable results include hydrated & plump skin, a minimised appearance of fine lines, reduced congestion and increased circulation.

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$1,495 package deal

The worlds No.1 de-pigmenting method. Safe and effective, delivering unsurpassed results in treating pigmentation. The Cosmelan® method acts within the skin to address the effects of excess pigmentation to improve the appearance of unattractive skin blemishes. Your package will include your OBSERV 520 consultation, Cosmelan® in clinic treatment, 2 x Light therapy and Home care products valued at over $800

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$250 per session

We use a range of Medical Grade Peels in clinic to treat all skin concerns. These treatments are combined with Light therapy and are designed for first time skin clients who need a skin pick me up or for clients who love to have monthly treatments to maintain skin health and vitality.

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$375 Light Therapy • 3 x Lights + 1 x Peel
$625 • 6 x Lights + 1 x Peel
$790 • 10 x Lights + 1 x Peel
$1.330 Voluderm or Trifactional inc. Light Therapy • 4 x Treatments
$1,900 • 6 x Treatments
$1,225 Radio Frequency with DMA inc. Light Therapy • 4 x Treatments
$1,750 • 6 x Treatments
$2,025 Voluderm or Trifractional combined with RF & DMA including Light Therapy • 4 x Treatments
$2,895 • 6 x Treatments
$875 Medical Grade Peels Inc. Light Therapy • 4 x Treatments
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Beauty Treatments

Cosmelan Depigmentation
At The Brow and Skin Studio, we offer a range of specialised skin services for all skin conditions....
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Light Therapy
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Advanced Skin Analysis
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