Why You Need Healing Light Therapy Treatments Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery: HEALITE

Article by Sherrill Daltiz · Oct 26, 2020

LED Light therapy is not exactly a newcomer to the world of beauty therapy. But with a wide range of options available across the market, how do you know which light therapy treatment is right for you? HEALITE II is one of the global leaders in healing light therapy, with benefits extending well beyond just plumping skin and giving you that radiant glow (although, it does that too!). Because of the way HEALITE II works, this treatment rapidly accelerates healing, making it ideal for both pre-op and post-op treatment.

Through boosting collagen and elastin production, oxygenating the skin and increasing lymphatic drainage, HEALITE II reduces bruising by 78 percent within 1–2 days. This healing light therapy treatment is perfect for everything from injectables and laser to surgeries and accelerates every aspect of the healing process by 53 percent.

The best part? HEALITE treatments require zero downtime and absolutely no prep, making them easy to integrate into your recovery process both pre- and post-operation. Many of our clients describe the light therapy process as relaxing and we’ve seen great success when used both before surgery and after surgery. LED light therapy penetrates deep into the dermis, repairing tired and damage cells and stimulating collagen — priming the skin for rapid healing at every level.

To prepare for her breast augmentation, our gorgeous client Kate utilised HEALITE light therapy to prepare her skin for healing and speed up the recovery process. Kate who bruises easily was expecting some extreme bruising.

At Brow and Skin Studio, Kate had our HEALITE light therapy treatments every two days for the week prior to her surgery. After the augmentation, Kate was amazed at the results and was completely free from all bruising within 14 days.

“My mild bruising seemed to go straight to the light green stage and cleared up so fast,” she said.

“I feel I can honestly say that Healite LED light therapy has been an integral part of my pre-op and recovery process. I am continuing the LED light therapy regularly throughout my recovery period to help with my scarring also.”

Along with being incredible for accelerating healing and reducing bruising, HEALITE treatment creates overall plumper, smoother and healthier skin and increases the absorption of other treatments and products to give you the results you’ve been craving.

So how exactly does HEALITE work? HELITE is a low-level light therapy, using LED light to photo-modulate your skin’s healing and rejuvenation processes at a cellular level. When properly delivered by the expert staff at The Brow and Skin Studio HEALITE can be used without any thermal or physical damage to the skin — meaning you walk out the door after your light therapy treatment with radiant and glowing skin; no downtime required.

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