We’ve Found One Of The Best De-Pigmenting Treatments

Article by Sherrill Daltiz · Jan 14, 2021

Are you ready for a flawless complexion? We have found the secret solution.

The world’s number one treatment for pigmented skin is Cosmelan originating in Spain. Cosmelan is the treatment that is best described as the gold standard weapon for pigmentation removal. Think not only Skin clarity, but a  plumper healthier glowing skin.

Cosmelan is a one off treatment that targets and inhibits tyrosinase activation, which is essential in reducing the pigment process. Results are immediate and long lasting, as Cosmelan prevents the reoccurrence of deep pigmentation.

To fully comprehend the science behind Cosmelan, we need to first understand how skin works. In essence, skin gets colour from pigment called Melanin, and sometimes triggers which can include genetics, medication, pregnancy, and hormonal changes can increase Melanin production – resulting in excess pigmentation in some people. Left untreated will spiral out of control and become far worse over time.

While there are many products that claim to help shift pigmentation, and short term that may seem to be the case, however pigmentation is not only what you see on the surface, but what lies beneath that you cannot see, and damage caused by pigmentation needs a far more long term sophisticated solution and this is where Cosmelan is the answer.

So if you are looking for the pigmentation treatment that really works and also gives you that radiant glow, consider Cosmelan at the Brow and Skin Studio! Who could say no to this amazing problematic skin solution?

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