Let Us Journey Below Your Skin’s Surface

Article by Sherrill Daltiz · Feb 08, 2021

It’s not what lies beneath but what lies ahead – powerful words but oh so true! Imagine if you could see beneath the surface of the skin and know exactly what is happening years before it becomes visible on our faces. How many times have we bought ‘the products’ with great expectations only to be disappointed… again! Skin Analysis or more importantly a CORRECT skin analysis AND consultation is an absolute must to diagnose and treat specific conditions of the skin (especially pigmentation). Did you know only 40% of pigmentation is seen on the surface of our skin, whereas the other 60% is lurking beneath, multiplying at an alarming rate? Other conditions such as acne, rosacea, premature ageing, etc. can be targeted before they escalate becoming chronic, problematic and more difficult to treat.

The OBSERV 520 is the ultimate skin scanning machine that assists in not only diagnosing skin conditions but can accurately see 2mm beyond the surface of the skin. How amazing is this technology!? Clients today are exposed to more information than ever before, so much of it completely incorrect, misleading and confusing. However, with a truthful diagnosis which identifies concerns, we are well and truly on the pathway to creating a solution – literally taking the guesswork out of treatment protocols and essential home care skin products. We understand that each skin is unique, never falling into the ‘one size fits all’ category of oily, dry, combination skins that has long been recognised as the traditional method to diagnose.

The OBSERV 520 has six different modalities:

Now we have an exact diagnosis and can see the trouble spots, what is next? Great skin just doesn’t happen, we have to make it happen! The longer any skin condition remains untreated the more challenging it can be to treat, however, with commitment from the client, a passionate and knowledgeable therapist and correct treatment plan in place you can begin your skin journey. Treatment options can range from Omnilux Light Therapy that targets the source of the problem; Cosmelan, the number one treatment for pigmentation worldwide; Mesoeclat, Collagen Induction, skin peels, microdermabrasion and more!

The OBSERV 520 has given us the opportunity to create great outcomes for our clients. Taking only moments for photos and the subsequent consultation that follows, our continuing feedback from clients is amazement and relief that finally they have found a solution. Let us find your solution!

So, what’s really going on underneath your skin? Book in for a visit at The Brow and Skin Studio and we will help treat existing imperfections and identify underlying concerns before they become visible.

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