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The Two Leading Brands in Light Therapy

Without question, HEALITE II™ and Omnilux are the leaders in Light Therapy. At the Brow and Skin Studio we offer both options of skin rejuvenation for our clients. They work deep within the dermis, stimulating our collagen and elastin, and accelerating the delivery of products into the skin.

Omnilux™ revives your skin and plumps it up naturally from within. LED technology is used to target the skin cells, as well as utilizethe body’s natural moisture renewal process. Omnilux revive treatment™ facial is also excellent for those recovering after surgery, as it has been proven to accelerate the healing of wounds and scars.

HEALITE II™ also harnesses the properties of LED technology to treat acne, superficial skin lesions and is very anti-ageing without the possibility of physical trauma or thermal damage.

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