3 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time To Visit Your Beauty Salon in Brisbane

Article by Sherrill Daltiz · Jul 22, 2023

In a city known for its harsh UV rays and sun-drenched days, Brisbane’s scorching summer can leave its mark on your skin. But did you know that radiant summer skin is often made in winter? As the sun’s intensity takes a step back and the temperatures cool, we suggest you embrace the cooler days as the perfect time to give your skin the pampering it deserves. Here are just 3 reasons why winter is the best time to visit your beauty salon for in winter.

1. Tackling Summer Skin Damage

Brisbane’s summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin, causing pigmentation and uneven tone. Winter, with its milder sun exposure, provides the perfect window to address and heal these summer-induced concerns. The Cosmelan treatment, a transformative de-pigmenting method, is a treatment that is best booked in with your beauty salon in Brisbane’s winter. By targeting excess pigmentation, Cosmelan works to fade blemishes and enhance your complexion. As the sun’s intensity is gentler, your skin reaps the benefits of this treatment without the heightened risk of post-procedure sensitivity.

2. Preparing for Radiant Summer Skin

They say summer bodies are made in winter, and the same holds true for your skin. With winter often causing dryness and dullness, the OxyGeneo Treatment becomes your secret weapon. It works by harnessing the natural processes of the body to oxygenate the skin from within, triggering a physiological response known as the Bohr Effect. It exfoliates, infuses, and oxygenates, revealing youthful, radiant skin beneath.

3. Comprehensive Rejuvenation

Winter’s cooler temperatures and reduced outdoor activities create an ideal environment for indulging in comprehensive rejuvenation at a beauty salon in Brisbane. The Divine Pro Skin Treatment, a powerhouse of advanced techniques like Radio Frequency, Voluderm Micro-needling, Trifractional resurfacing, and Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), offers multi-dimensional results. From volumising to wrinkle reduction and skin firming, this treatment helps you step into summer with skin that’s not just revived but completely transformed.

Make The Brow & Skin Studio Your Go-To Beauty Salon in Brisbane

At The Brow and Skin Studio, we understand that each person’s skin is unique. Our commitment to tailored treatments ensures that your specific concerns are addressed with precision. Whether you’re seeking to erase summer damage or rejuvenate your skin, our range of services, from Cosmelan to OxyGeneo and Divine Pro, are meticulously designed to deliver optimal results during the winter months. Contact us today at our beauty salon in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove and embark on a winter beauty journey that sets the stage for your most radiant, confident summer yet.

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