The Best Treatment for Face Pigmentation Removal: Cosmelan

Article by Sherrill Daltiz · Sep 04, 2023

Pigmentation is one of the most troubling skin issues that plagues so many Australian women. It can also be one of the most difficult skin issues to treat. While living in the sunshine state means glorious beach weather almost year-round, it also means our delicate skin is more susceptible to pigmentation. So, when it comes to pigmentation treatment, why settle for second best?

A Little Bit About Cosmelan

Developed in Spain, Cosmelan is the world-leading treatment for pigmentation removal. This cosmetic technology tackles your stubborn dark spots to renew your glow using advanced methods that target the root cause of the problem.

While hyperpigmentation can have many different causes, including hormonal fluctuations, sun exposure, ageing and inflammation, the treatment recommendation for how to get rid of pigmentation remains the same. Cosmelan targets the overproduction of melanin and melanocytes (the dark pigment itself and the cells that produce it) to transform your skin, making it the best skin pigmentation treatment available worldwide.

The pigmentation visible on the surface of your skin only shows 40 percent of the total hyperpigmentation damage, while 60 percent of the damage sits underneath the top layer of your skin — unfortunately waiting to appear on your skin in the future. While other skin pigmentation treatments target only the melanin production and treat the surface 40% damage, Cosmelan provides a long-term solution to prevent pigmentation reoccurring.


How Does Cosmelan Pigmentation Removal Work?

The science of how Cosmelan works as a pigmentation treatment can be complicated. It involves inhibiting tyrosinase activation which is the key enzyme associated with melanocytes and melanin production. Our expertly trained skin therapists at The Brow and Skin Studio Brisbane understand the ins and outs of Cosmelan and can guide you through the entire process of pigmentation removal.

Client Results with Cosmelan

Our beautiful client, Yasmin, has seen incredible results with this pigmentation treatment, joining a plethora of other women who have solved their hyperpigmentation problems with Cosmelan.

“I’ve spent a good five years of my life looking like someone who had dirty skin, so much so that people asked me what I had on my face. Each year the patches of pigmentation grew until my face looked like some kind of jigsaw puzzle with the worst spreading across the lightest part of my eye effectively making all make up useless. I went from looking five years younger to ten years older and despite every kind of laser, product, peel – it continued to grow. When I read about the Cosmelan Peel I quite literally thought…well I’d tried everything else, what’s one more thing? I’m three weeks into my six month treatment plan and every person I’ve spent time with has commented on how my skin is looking with some strangers asking what I use. I also do not bother with makeup at all anymore as it now actually dulls my skin. More than anything – because the pigmentation had grown over time I never realised how my skin had dampened my confidence whereas these results have just given me some serious appreciation. I hoped for results at about 30% of what I got. Stoked. Amazing results!”


Book Our Pigmentation Removal Treatment Today!

One of the most frustrating things about pigmentation is feeling reliant on a heavy foundation to cover your uneven skin tone. Cosmelan treatment reveals brighter and clearer complexions to boost your confidence and allow you to face the world foundation free and radiant. This non-invasive pigmentation removal procedure involves two phases: the application of a potent de-pigmenting mask which is applied in clinic at The Brow and Skin Studio, followed by an at-home maintenance solution that enhances the effectiveness of the mask.

Contact the pigmentation experts at The Brow and Skin Studio today to discover more about Cosmelan and how to get rid of pigmentation.

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